Writing Software is Creating Art with a Purpose

In our growing world of Internet and information technology, there has never been a greater need than now for innovative software to meet the ever-pressing challenges faced by businesses, governments, and organizations.

Continuation of the services provided by these organizations is only guaranteed if their information challenges and problems are satisfied by superior software applications. The creation of such software applications is dependent on two major attributes: A software developer's ability to be Creative and to Think Critically. Here, at Aslan Corporation, our developers possess both attributes.

Creative thinking is art of software development and refers to the method of exploring the various processes required to solve a problem, while not limiting the scope of possibilities and solutions. Critical thinking is the scientific portion of software development; it is the act of quantifying as much as can be known about a set of problems while assembling this base of information in a usable structure.


The art that is part of software development is the product of Creativity; it is the act of exceeding conventional expectations and producing new, clever, and innovative ideas. To create new ideas, creativity involves three major factors: planning, identifying the appropriate challenges, and using available techniques.

Planning involves preparing the mind to be creative, which includes acquiring knowledge and information in areas that can inspire new ideas, being keen and determined to solve problems, and being flexible in ways of thinking and intuiting.

Anthony J. D'Angelo, contributing author and editor of the NY Times Bestseller, Chicken Soup For The College Soul, said "When solving problems, dig at the roots instead of just hacking at the leaves." Identifying the right challenges enables Aslan developers to propose solutions that are necessary and relevant. We identify exceptional challenges and focus on solving relevant problems. We are aware that, for many other software developers, creativity can be wasted on irrelevant problems.

We purposefully use our creative skills to create relevant solutions. We do this by using creative problem-solving methods, refining ideas through experiments, and adapting working solutions. Moreover, we use robust development and testing techniques to produce the error-free ideas we incorporate in our software.

Critical Thinking

Within the domain of critical thinking, system thinking is the practice of understanding how the various elements within a system interrelate to produce system behaviour. Typically, these behaviours require different inputs and processes. System thinking improves software developers' knowledge of system components, behaviours, and their relationships as software applications are built.

The relationships of various software components determine the complexity of application under development. At Aslan Corporation, we know that complex systems, composed of many components, come with significant challenges. Hence, we invest a great deal of our time and money towards creating simple and effective tools that we use to produce our software.

The application of system thinking is important because it allows the software developer to identify the necessary systems related to the software they want to create. Aslan Corporation has a team of software developers who are dedicated to not only understanding the elements within systems but evaluating and identifying the various types of systems required in software development.

Aslan Corporation combines both the art and science of software development to creating purpose-driven and useful software that meet our clients' needs. After understanding the needs of customers, and identifying the purpose of the system, Aslan Corporation staff use creative ideas and techniques to build relevant software. This is why we can say that Aslan Corporation has mastered the art of writing software with a purpose.

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Why You Should Use Aslan Corporation

The need for useful applications is ever increasing due to growing use of mobile technology and the Internet. In addition, having a functional information-driven online presence is one of the most important marketing tools used by organizations and businesses around the world. Furthermore, industries still have a need for client-server apps and market trading software. Aslan Corporation is capable of meeting your business need for software development in any of the areas mentioned above.

Aslan Corporation has been in business for over 25 years, developing software since 1985 with a focus in creating client-server apps (NET, SQL Server, mySql), mobile apps (Android and iPhone), market trading apps (C , TradeStation) and database-driven apps. We bring not only creativity to building our software but we also implement the experience and expertise gained over the years of offering services in the field of software development.

Whilst many software developers claim to be creative, we at Aslan Corporation demonstrate our creativity through the vast number of useful applications we have created. This makes us stand out and separates us from our competitors. We continue to make a difference in the world of software by research into advancement in techniques used in software creation.

Why You Should Select Us

One of our goals is to work alongside our customers because we care about you and your business. This goal is demonstrated by our information-giving service; our team of software developers are open to dealing with clients' queries of any nature relating to the services we offer.

Another one of our goals is to individually meet the needs of our clients. So we operate an individual-centered service, where we offer tailored services to you through consultation to find out exactly what you require and providing it.

In addition, our team is made up of highly organized and disciplined individuals who are fully focused and commit themselves to the success of any project. Our team of software developers have a range of software building skills, whilst always thinking creatively, which enables us to create outstanding problem-solving software.


Our team is composed of expert software developers with technical skills, coding skills, debugging and software designing skills. Our developers have engaged in highly technical and demanding projects; this sheer amount of experience and skills distinguishes us from our competitors.

We put your need first because we are dedicated to ensuring that we provide excellent services to to meet your business software needs. Our commitment to our customers has seen us working with high profiles organizations such as hedge funds, large regional retailers and US State governments departments. We also offer business to business web services to meet our clients' business needs.

We are truly committed to producing state of the art applications and delivering top notch services. Aslan Corporation is waiting for you because we have so much to offer.